Out And About #3 : The Entrepreneurs Hangout @ The Foreshore Habours

I haven’t posted in a while…. I apologise… I switched network providers and it’s looking like I I made the worst mistake ย ever. ๐Ÿ˜

It’s ย my third post on this series……….ย wowza!!!!!ย . It keeps getting interesting. Super thanks to everyone who has read, shared, commented on my blog, and to those who encouraged me to continue writing especially on this series, * in my anambra accent*Chineke Nna ย Gozie Unu* means God bless you.

Last ย weekend I attended the entrepreneurs hangout at the foreshore harbours, Osborne phase 2, Ikoyi, Lagos.

This ย hangout ย is co-hosted by Chechi Arinze and Lotanna Ezeogu

Let me just brief you about the entrepreneurs hangout Nigeria. ย The entrepreneurs hangout is ย a community of young entrepreneurs supporting and helping each other grow. “culled from their instagram profile”. They mostly have the hangouts, ย first ย Sunday of the month.

The first time I attended was in April 2017, and the topic was “building business structures and system”. It was really educative, interactive and eye opening, I told myself I would RSVP for all the upcoming hangouts. ย I couldn’t attend after that one, till the last one held last week. *long story *

The topic for discussion this month was, “Buiding your investment portfolio with as little as 10,000 naira”.ย There were about 3 speakers, ย Tomie Balogun, Okwuchi Nyarko, and Michael Udoh.

I came very very late, but I would be sharing little on what I learnt

Personal habit to adopt:

  • Tracking your finances.
  • Buying what you need not what you want.
  • Discipline in spending and stay consistent
  • Being true to yourself.


Other lessons are:-

  • Don’t keep your money in a savings account
  • Don’t invest in what you don’t understand..
  • Projected budget helps to tracking your income/ expenses
  • Spread your risk.. Different company. Different investment.
  • Your kind of investment is still dependent on your goals.. (Short term or long terms)
  • The best and safest place to invest your little money??..Money Market …. You can begin with mutual funds.ย 






I couldn’t take pictures, but I made sure I took a picture by the water side. After all I was at a harbour ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.


The food at the Foreshore Harbours wasn’t bad at all, it’s also affordable.

My friend ordered fried Yam and chicken bites, and we both shared a plate. ย  It was about 1,900naira.



Information about the next hangout is all on their instagram page, ย click here to view.


Chiffon Top : Thrifted

Jeans : Thrifted (Yaba)

Sandals : Old, ย can’t remember where I bought it…



Till I see you all in my next out and about post….

“Be simple and Stay ย Beautiful”


Link to other post on the series kindly click ย here ย  ย here






6 thoughts on “Out And About #3 : The Entrepreneurs Hangout @ The Foreshore Habours

  1. Ikwo says:

    i think i like the ‘out and about’ idea theyre interesting, u should post as much as u can
    & the entrep hangout sound beneficial, will check the link thanks!


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