Product Haul : We Naturals Hemp Oil Large Kit

I was running out of my Vo5 shampoo,  and I have been procrastinating replacing my shampoo, since I don’t wash my hair everyday.


I was minding my own business oo when I heard my friend in Canada got a promotion at his work place,  and normal me said,  yaaaayy congratulations we go wash am ooo, and he said  ‘okay no problem, what do you want?.

Yekpa!!!  That’s when confusion started Ooo,  I couldn’t say what I wanted.  Then I asked to think about it….  *even if they are chyking me*


Thinking phase : Should I ask for  a new pair of shoes??  Replace my Cantu Leave in conditioner with Shea butter?  A new wristwatch?? A perfume??  Or a starter kit for naturalistas?


Then it became clearer. I have been eyeing this We Naturals kit with ‘one kin eyes ‘like that 😕😕 for a while now.  You would ask me why?  Oh well,  for starters it has almost everything I would need to keep my hair. .  Ahn ahn, you sef  check na, it has Shampoo, rinse out conditioner,  leave in conditioner, hair butter mix,  and oil all in one.

Secondly, it’s super cost effective. I got for 6500 from BELLZ_NHCC on instagram , excluding delivery. I got a free comb for ordering.

So I sent a picture of what I wanted two days after, and my akkant was credited💃💃.


I haven’t really used it per say,  cos I have been carrying twist since the beginning of June and I haven’t loosened it yet.  It’s even turning to dreads somehow.  I have washed my hair, conditioned with it and used the hair butter mix, but I can’t really tell,  till I take down my PS.





Kit details 

  • We naturals whipped Shea hair butter with hemp oil
  • We naturals motisurizing & detangling conditioner with hemp oil.
  • We naturals leave in moisturizing conditioner with hemp oil
  • We naturals black soap shampoo with hemp oil
  • We Naturals Hot Oil Treatment with Hemp Oil

So a review is forth coming…. 💃💃💃

Have you used any product from We Naturals??? What was your experience like.  Kindly share in the comment section below.



Have an awesome day ahead😘😘


6 thoughts on “Product Haul : We Naturals Hemp Oil Large Kit

    • thebudgetbella says:

      Oh dear!! Really??? I have been using the products on my twist, hence I can’t really tell. Oh well, I am excited already. Thanks a lot for stopping by means a lot😘😘…. So help me God review would be coming in pretty soon


    • thebudgetbella says:

      Hahahahahahahhahahaha… This Bookie sha… … You don turn messenger abi??? My dear… That’s the way Ooo. Pray for promotion and just innocently say “we will wash it ooo”😂😂😂😂😂. Thank you hun for stopping by.. 😘😘

      Liked by 1 person

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