My Natural Hair Journey : Happy 2 years Hairversary

Prior to when I had my big chop, I wasn’t really making my hair anymore, was bored and it felt like my hair wasn’t growing. Relaxers, oh no!! Which one  have  I not tried and tried. Is it cup, or kit, or for beginners, I still didn’t find anyone that made my hair relax very well. I have done stuff, retouch my hair every month, for almost a year, steamed, making my hair always*ko le werk*.

I went to the barber one fateful day and chopped off my hair pretty low. I  wasn’t even sure if I wanted to  go natural or just maintain a low cut hair style. After a while, it all made sense, relaxers were not working for my hair, I wasn’t making the hair, and  it wasn’t growing anymore.



It’s already two years since I had my big chop, Whoop whoop whoop!!!!!!!! how time flies…….

Being natural isn’t easy at all one bit,  for people who says it is *somebody lied* especially for people with 4C hair,

I have spent thousands of naira on products initially, and guess what, IT DIDNT WORK FOR MY HAIR. The products are still there lying on the table in my room. Then I gave up.

For a whole year I practically did nothing to my hair, just comb and go. After a while I bought ori (Shea butter) from the women who sells in the market and that was it. I got bored again and I went into wig making for myself.

I made up my mind again to try new things for my hair. The truth is you just have to keep trying products till you  find out what works for your hair.


September 2015



What won’t you hear??

Honey is good for natural hair

Coconut oil… Chai… Don’t sleep on coconut oil ooo

Mix banana and avocado.. Super best for DC.

Do a fat twist before you sleep

Red oil ooo abi palm kernel oil is good

Do a tea rinse.

Sleep with a satin bonet…….

Blah blah blah……..

June 2017


My hair hates honey… It makes my hair hard. Imagine having a 4C HAIR and you’re making it strong again. *double trouble*

Coconut oil makes my hair harder as well…


  • Shrinkage is 100% real, I initially used to believe even with the natural hair my hair wasn’t shifting growth wise. You have to embrace shrinkage.
  • Being natural makes everything better,  my dear na lie oo, you have to work to get your desired hair growth
  • Going to the salon to make your hair, no stress. Hian!! The way those salon people would look at you ehn, like you’re not supposed to be making the hair, especially if its your first time.
  • Every thing that works for A cannot work for B, keep trying till you find what works.



September 2016

April 2017



  • Hairffiliation ori coco whipped Shea mix
  • VO5 strawberries & cream +soy milk protein moisturizing conditioner
  • Life Natural Pepper mint oil
  • Hairffiliation extra virgin coconut oil.
  • Cantu leave  in conditioner repair cream with Shea butter
  • Sunny isle Jamaican black castor oil
  • We natural whipped Shea hair butter with hemp oil
  • We natural motisurizing & detangling with hemp oil.
  • We natural leave in moisturizing conditioner
  • We natural black soap with hemp oil
  • Cantu deep treatment masque
  • Eco styler gel with alo vera
  • Hawaiian silky argan oil hydrating sleek edge control.

I didn’t purchase these products all in one day, it was a gradual process. And I plan to still buy more as well as replace finished bottles.



November 2016



  • I never apply coconut oil alone, ever since I found out it makes my hair harder.
  • I do  LOC / LCO (Liquid Oil Conditioner) almost every morning.
  • I pre poo once in 3 months
  • I co-wash every two weeks
  • I wash (shampoo) once in a month
  • I have deep conditioned 3times since I went natural
  •  Shea butter loves my hair…
  • My hair needs moisture…. Kai!! So I have a mix of a drop of castor oil, peppermint oil, coconut oil and plenty  water in a spray bottle.


What I plan to do

  • Keep my hair under a protective style more often
  • Do a big twist before I sleep
  • Deep condition more
  • Clarify my hair


September 2015


April 2017

I didn’t do so much to my natural hair and it grew to this length in two years, if I eventually start doing stuff to it, it would grow more than this in the next two years…

I am excited already…



If you’re a naturalista like me, kindly share your hair procedure or what products you use in the comment section below… I would love to read how long you’ve been natural…


Have a awesome weekend ahead…



16 thoughts on “My Natural Hair Journey : Happy 2 years Hairversary

    • Yeka Asumah says:

      Thats the same way I felt,
      Until I got to understand what my hair needs. knowing my hair type, I discovered that I don’t need to be a product junky and just stick to my very affordable DIY routines.. I don’t wash my hair with shampoo, cause most shampoo dry out my hair instead I just do co-wash and my hair loves it as I know I can’t afford the shampoo that suits my hairs moisturizing needs…


    • thebudgetbella says:

      My dear… It should make your eyes pop Biko…. I didn’t buy all these in one day na… The we natural is in a kit, has a shampoo, leave in conditioner rinse out conditioner, hot oil treatment and Shea butter mix. Which I recently got… It’s a gradual process…. When you finally find what your hair needs. Your hair would forever love you for it.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Crownpet says:

    Went through all dis products can’t get hold of aw or where to get dem if u can help a sis as I just start my journey of natural late-last month and d hair is not even growing dnt knw aw to keep it full and black. Thanks luv ur hair


    • thebudgetbella says:

      My dear… You would need patience oooo lots of it.
      That’s the number 1 truth…
      If you can send me a message on instagram, or whatsapp. Contact details are on the contact section of this blog. I would recommend someone to you..
      Thank you so much for stopping by😘😘😘


  2. deeglamour says:

    Nna ehn…this typically defines my hair struggles and journey.

    I have recently just started taking care of my hair seeing that it grew w/o me even paying it any attention. My hair HATES all things…coconut oil oo, honey oo, aloe vera, even comb…i hear. I hardly even comb my hair because doing so gives me headache even when I divide it in sections.

    My hair just becomes as hard as a sack sponge and refuses to comb. I hardly even wash my hair because it hardly itches me and I am either on a weave, dreadlocks or a braid but after a year of carrying my hair as a natural, I observed it grew w/o any care or products.

    So like you, I am excited in trying and experimenting with products to find the right fit for my 4C hair with 4B edges [I know this because only my edges are receptive to coconut oil and hardly shrinks]. I am hoping to see a massive change this 2nd year.


    • thebudgetbella says:

      Amen to your prayers darling… Le struggles awon 4C hair people… Ko easy ra ra. But when you do we would love to read.. What and what works for your hair eventually….. Thanks for stopping by😘


      • deeglamour says:

        I am still finding out what exactly works for my hair. Seeing that I have not stuck to a routine and my routine for now is zig-zag, I can only tell 3 months from now. I do know however that my hair is not friendly with water, so I am careful how I wash my hair.


  3. Vivien says:

    Lol, I so get you on this. Try avocados they said, my hair hated it. Coconut oil is from the gods, my hair decided it was an atheist. The beautiful textures leave-in conditioner my hair used to love before, it decided they were no longer friends. At least honey makes my hair super soft. Now I just mix water and honey in my spray bottle, seal with ori and go on my merry way. On the bright side, my hair was 3 years yesterday and although it is not where I expected it to be due to some major breakage I experienced at the beginning of this year, it is longer than it has ever been all my life, so I’m happy.


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