FOTD #1: Soft Cut Crease

It is raining in this part of the world,  so happy rainy day to you all.

So this is actually the first post of this series.  I had actually  thought this over over,  and over again,  if I want to do this on this blog. I used to do the fotd series on a blog i used to manage before, well *long story*

Today’s  Face Of The Day post is a soft cut crease. We would all agree that cut crease is actually trending nowadays, whether it is a full cut crease,  or a half,  or the one that curves out of the lid or cuts out sharp…

Cut crease is  a technique used to define the crease by “cutting” across it with a contrasting eyeshadow color and little to no blending.

For this look I decided to create something or a look that can be worn even in the day,  thereby I had to make the ‘cut’ on the crease soft against the normal ones we see on instagram these days.




Product Break down



Kiss Beauty eyebrow gel

La girl pro concealer in chestnut



Fayre Gold face primer

Classic Foundation in 607

La Pro Concealer in Chestnut &cooltan

Jordana Forever Flawless powder in 107(set highlight

Milani mineral compact powder deep110

La Girl Pro HD Matte Powder in Toffee (contour)

Milani blush in Bella Rosa

Ushas highlighter trio

Kiss Beauty Setting Spray



La girl pro Eyeshadow primer stick

Sweet rose Eyeshadow palette (gold)

Dodo girl matte Eyeshadow palette

House of Tara Margaret Ekpo palette

L’chear eyeliner pen

Kiss beauty gel pencil  liner

Lashes are unbranded



La girl lip pencil in burgundy

Mac lipstick in Russian red

House Tara lipstick in onitsha


I also made a video, kindly click here and Please tell me what you think…


What do you all  think about this post(series). Should I  go ahead, or just end with just this post…..


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Instagram:  @thebudgetbella



Do have an awesome Wednesday ahead😘😘







11 thoughts on “FOTD #1: Soft Cut Crease

  1. deeglamour says:

    I read this post thrice because I wanted to understand what you meant by the cut crease.
    I sincerely still don’t understand what you did to make the cut on the crease soft. Maybe I should see the video, yes?
    All I can see is your pointy nose…pretty!

    Liked by 1 person

    • thebudgetbella says:

      Oh dear.. It is.. I noticed it does the same thing elf does for me.. And since the dollar started going up, I switched to kiss beauty. I should do a review soon. Thanks dear for stopping by


    • thebudgetbella says:

      Awwwww.. Thank you so much for reading.. The one I use is the one in a transparent bottle.. Haven’t used the green tea though, just have a feeling it may not be nice to my skin.. Would go check out your review on it..


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