Product Review : Glow By Hairffiliation Mixed African Black soap

Hey people,

I am back with another review, that is long overdue,  but not makeup related,  unlike my other reviews on the blog.

Glow By Hairffilliation is a brand that specialises in  Affordable natural, handmade products for healthy and glowing skin and hair for the African diva.

In this post I would only be reviewing one of their products which is African Mixed Black Soap. 

I purchased this product sometime in December 2016, and started using by December 25th, and I’m actually on my second container. I would tell you my reasons, if you keep reading.

Let’s review, shall we???


The Glow By Hairffiliation Mixed African black soap, as  the name implies, it’s a black soap made from: Raw African black soap, mixed with honey, oils (coconut, avocado, lavender), raw lemon juice, vitamin E, and love.(that love part got me).

It comes in a white container with a white lid

with a label that says  “it improves skin tones, clears skin irritation etc”.


What does Budget Bella  think???

I was very very skeptical about purchasing this soap,  I had to chat the owner of this brand up,   to ask her so many questions.

I wouldn’t say I have a sensitive skin, but anytime I change soap, I start seeing eczema on my face.  And it took me almost 20 something years of my life to finally realised what causes my sudden eczema on my face.

The first time I purchased The Glow By Hairffilliation mixed ABS, I think mine had a bit of  activated charcoal in it. This helps  to detoxify your skin and gives you a clearer complexion.

It lathers so well, maybe that’s the reason I haven’t gotten so much containers from December till now. A little goes a long way. I used the first one from December 2016 till March 2017 😱

Has good fragrance

Makes my skin soft after  bathing, not for 24 hours anyway.

I started noticing my skin glowing, people started complimenting my skin more. And my head started swelling 😁😁


Another very important and amazing thing about this soap is that it didn’t irritate my skin (eczema). I was super amazed.



It wasn’t easily transferable. I did a lot of travelling when I started using the first container,  and it was hard for me to transfer it into small bottles to fit my toiletries purse.

But the second container I purchased smells differently, cos in this batch aromatic oil was added to the mix, and it’s easily transferable. I love it.  So that sorta like cancels out my cons.


Where to buy 

Or send her a dm via instagram here


Am I going to repurchase??  You all know the answer  to that question.


Have you used this product or any African black soap? Kindly share your thoughts,  would love to hear from you❤❤

Have an awesome New week ahead..



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