Product Review : Classic Makeup USA True Colour Matifying Liquid Foundation


Let us take a moment to hail all these beauty brands with all their “long tongue twisting names” they always  give their products.  Ahn ahn!!!  Is it by force??

My second review on the blog.  *drum roll* please……. Super thanks to bookie of 😘😘who reminded me of this review… She has great content, you can check out her blog here

First of all , let me clearly state that,  I am not a fan of the classic makeup brand. In fact I don’t own any product from classic makeup, ironically I recommend to clients who want super cheap products,  cos I have friends who uses them and swears by them. But you know  they always say,  ‘you can’t go on hating something forever’ .

So I went to visit my friend Lauretta and she kept on preaching and preaching about this foundation.

My first thought about it when I saw the packaging was “classic  una don come again, copy copy” cos,  it looks like the black Opal true colour foundation.


And I’m like e Don do! Oya give me one,  I got the shade in 600, but when I tried it on a makeup look,  it was a bit light for me, so I gave it out.  I eventually got a shade in 607. and it was perfect for me.

So shall we get  on with it?? Yes,  we shall😁


Classic Makeup True Colour Matifying Liquid Foundation


What Classic  makeup says:

  • It’s Matifying
  • It has 100% Natural Finish
  • It is Water Proof
  • It has Oil control

What Budget Bella thinks:


  • Light weight :Classic Makeup forget  to add that it is light weight. Yes it’s not heavy on the face like I was made to believe other classic foundation feels on the face.


  • A little goes a long way.  First time I tried it,  I wasted foundation


  • Easy Blending: it is actually easy to blend. Compared to their other foundation


  • Full coverage : errrr….  Let me say yeah,  although its not like I have anything to cover. 😁😁


  • Waterproof : yes


  • Natural finish: Well yeah,  if you get your perfect shade.


Thick consistency: well,  I realised classic makeup USA would always have foundations that are thick. I don’t really like foundation that are thick.

Will I repurchase again????  Hell yeah!!!

Don’t get me wrong ooo, I still don’t have love for the classic makeup brand, but for this foundation, it’s an exception  for me.

Price: 1200 -1500 naira..  Depending on the seller.



Pictures of me wearing the foundation in the shade 600.



Wearing the shade in 607

Have you tried this foundation??  What’s your experience like???

Kindly share in the comment section below..

Do have an awesome weekend❤❤❤


10 thoughts on “Product Review : Classic Makeup USA True Colour Matifying Liquid Foundation

  1. Bookie says:

    I thought I had dropped a comment.
    Welcome to the Classic side of life, this is how it starts then you’d start buying powders and liquid lipsticks lol.
    I will get my hands on this if I see it, does it stay when you sweat though?
    Also, bless us with these pictures on Instagram ma. 💖


    • thebudgetbella says:

      Nne m.. You Don see as na… That was one thing that puts me off, but oh well. Not a bad buy, just not a fan of their thick consistency in their foundation, can they melt it a little bit😂😂😂. Thank you so much for reading…. ❤. When you do Please let us know🙌🙌

      Liked by 1 person

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