Beauty talk : How to Build Your Personal Makeup Kit on a Budget #4

We are finally  on the third factor to check or consider before you walk up to that makeup store to purchase products. I apologise for not posting in a long time. Been working on some other things I would be sharing on the blog soon.

If you missed or haven’t read the first and second and third  series, kindly click here and here. And here

We would be talking about your personal style.

Personal style can heavily influence your purchasing choices.

If you’re a person who doesn’t like too much makeup,  *almost all Nigerians claim to not like much makeup* smh.

Then you can go for neutral matte colours of eyeshadows like browns and earth tone colours ,

For lipstick :  peach lipsticks,  nude,  or baby pink lipstick  shade.

For foundation,  you can opt  for foundations with very light coverage,  such as the revlon nearly naked foundation,  LA Girl foundation. Bb creams,  tinted moisturizers or CC creams.

For powders you can use translucent powders.



If you’re one who likes makeup very much.  For foundations go for full coverage foundations,  bright lip colours,  vibrant colours of eyeshadows.


If you’re not a fan of ‘cakey’ makeup or the ‘I make up once in a while person’ you can skip foundations, and go for powders like Milani Mineral Compact Powders,  eyeliners, mascara,  one red and one pink lipstick.




Finally we have come to the end of this series.. ..


Do you think a part of your personal style has influenced some of your buying choices for beauty products?  Kindly share your thoughts…..






Remember,  we all want to look beautiful.. Nobody said it’s got to be expensive.. 😘.




I would Love your Thoughts on this

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