My Eyeshadow Collection


Before I purchase any Eyeshadow I would have sworn before the last, that I wouldn’t purchase anymore. “ahn ahn dem use Eyeshadow swear for me” sometimes I ask myself that.

There’s always a story before I buy any beauty or makeup product. But for eyeshadows, the story is too much 😂😂😂.


First ever Eyeshadow I bought was sleek I divine Eyeshadow palette. Well I was in makeup training school, and my trainer made us buy almost everything we needed for practicals.

The next is profusion perfect colour match 45 matte colour Eyeshadow. I loved the fact that it didn’t have shine and was pigmented..  I over used it ehn,  you can notice some parts are broken🙈🙈



House of Tara Eyeshadow palette in Queen Amina. It was my friend’s trad and I was looking for an eyeshadow that has red in it.. Hence I bough this only to find out the colour wasn’t red.

Sleek studio Signature kit..

I saw lots of review on it,  and there a was deal on it on dealdey website.  Plus I wanted just one  eyeshadow kit or palette that I can carry in my bag. It felt like the perfect purchase.



Inglot pearl eyeshadow

I walked into Inglot store in Lagos, Nigeria. I really didn’t want to purchase anything,  just to window shop and go.  I got talking with one of the makeup artist there and she convinced me to buy this.  In my mind I was like “eh at least I own something from them”


Pixie Eyeshadow

I got this eyeshadow from a store at the Lagos makeup fair last year  because they didn’t have ‘change’ to give me😂😂


Taos Cosmetic Single eyeshadow

This was in a goody bag of a master class I attended last year January.


Kiss Beauty Carli by bel palette.

Hmm.. When the one for bh cosmetics came out, I had already sworn that I would never ever buy Eyeshadow.  Then this happened. As a budgetbeauty babe,  I couldn’t close my eyes.



Romantic Eyeshadow palette, chai!!  I fell in love at first sight.  The pigmentation is out of this world and boy!! it was cheap..



Glazzi Eyeshadow palette, Mehn!! I was tired of carrying numerous Eyeshadow palette up and Down the street of Lagos.  I saw this and I was like “okay party Don end na,  this is all I would be using” then I lied again by saying this is my last bus stop.

Sweet Rose Eyeshadow palette, first time I saw it I was screaming “see bridal looks” then I said to myself, ‘no devil you’re not going to tempt me today’. The rest of the story is history. 😂😂😂😂



Dodo Girl Absolutely matte Eyeshadow

After swearing that I wasn’t going to buy shadows again, then this happened. I kept sweet talking myself that this is a perfect match for my Glazzi Eyeshadow palette. That’s how it found its way in my box.

This is actually the last Eyeshadow I have purchased. I hope it remains the last for the longest of times.

I currently own any Eyeshadow palette that is above  5000 naira, they are all less than that


So I am going to be  tagging some bloggers to this post to create thier own “my eyeshadow collection” post, for their own subscribers






Do have an amazing day ahead….


4 thoughts on “My Eyeshadow Collection

  1. Bookie says:

    *Your posts aren’t arranged acccording to the most recent , that’s why I missed this post*
    Lol I know that feeling of “this is my last stop”.
    That’s how I am with highlighters, makeup brushes and liquid lipsticks.
    I don’t have eyeshadow collection oh, just four palettes, but if it is highlighter now, ehnhen lol.

    Bookie Kunlere


    • thebudgetbella says:

      Chai… Thanks dear I didn’t notice sef. So I realised people are not Eyeshadow lovers like myself.. You can do it in your own way.. Since you said it highlighters you’re always like that with. Would love to read your own story on your highlighter purchases. 😂😂😂😂😂
      Thanks for stopping by

      Liked by 1 person

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