Product Review : Kiss Beauty Waterproof Gel Liner Pencil



Ever since the high rise in rate of dollar against the naira,  I have been on the search for affordable and quality makeup products.

Yaaaayyyy!!  It’s my first ever review on the blog. I had to bind and cast every spirit of procrastination 😂😂 .

So it happened that I was running out of my good ‘Ol Maybelline Colossal Kajal, and I just couldn’t purchase it anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, it is not that it was too expensive, or I couldn’t afford it,  I was just angry that something I used to buy for 850 naira  at the House Of Tara studio in surulere became 1500naira at the Maybelline Studio in Surulere. I had to ask myself “where was I when the price was increasing”?

I jejely purchased one piece and told myself that was the last,  and continued my search.

One fateful day while I was complaining to my customer that I needed an eyeliner that doesn’t run or stain,  he quickly told me about the Kiss Beauty waterproof gel liner pencil. I had to ask him like 50 times that if he is sure about what he is saying, he said I should go and try it,  that I would come back and make more purchases.

I went home and tried, truth be told I got stuck,  I went back to buy  six more pencils, I always like to restock heavily on pencils.


Can we just take few minutes to talk about this kiss Beauty waterproof gel liner pencil.


Packaging : It has a black package with gold inscription on it.  It is not in a retractable form,  hence you can sharpen.


Intensity: It’s intensity is out of this world,  just one swipe brings out the colour just like the picture below.  unlike some other pencil liners I have used.


This picture is without flash




This picture is with flash

Long lasting and waterproof ???  Hell yeah ✌ I don’t think I have ever said or agreed that  any beauty can last 24 hours.  Like really who wears makeup to bed *thinking out loud*  but this pencil last long and it doesn’t run/stains the eyes.  It stays  where you want it to stays.

Affordability: This pencil is really affordable for all its good works. It retails between 900- 1000 naira.

Cons: I just don’t like the fact that I have to sharpen. Whether we like it or not, once you sharpen a bit of content goes off with the body of the pencil. *sadface

I have been using this liner since October last year, I have no regrets and have never used any other black  liner. It’s more like a gel in a pencil form

I could go on and on about this kiss Beauty waterproof gel liner pencil, but let me just stop here.

You can get it at the thebudgetbella online shop.  Kindly use the contact menu to enquire.


Who else has used this eyeliner and what was it like????  I would love to hear from you

Do have an awesome New week ahead 😘 😘













17 thoughts on “Product Review : Kiss Beauty Waterproof Gel Liner Pencil

  1. Bookie says:

    I have this exact pencil, you beat me to the review, I love that it’s very black and very affordable.
    I used the Maybelline Colossal too oh but my dear the price increase ehn, it is well.


    • thebudgetbella says:

      Hehehehhe…. Had to say to the spirit of procrastination “die by fire”. Would still love to read your own review on it. I can kill for this pencil sha.. Let them ‘kontinu’more affordable brands are coming up.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by 😘 😘

      Liked by 1 person

    • bisola says:

      I bought this pencil recently this year. I was happy with it at first…then what d hell? it was sinking inside and it wasn’t retracting…I was angry and tossed it aside till my sis showed me your review…u can actually sharpen it. y didn’t I think of that. Thank heavens I didn’t throw it tho…n I bought it at N500


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